Adopt A Student

The 'Adopt A Student' program aims to foster networking and career development, creating a direct link between aspiring Interior Design students and established ID professionals. It revolves around ASID professionals adopting design students, generously covering the cost of their ASID membership. This distinctive approach eliminates the financial barrier of ASID membership fees, opening doors to invaluable resources, industry knowledge, and networking opportunities.

DESIGN STUDENTS! Fill out the “Student Bio Form” to be considered for adoption.

In "Adopt a Student," experienced ASID members volunteer to adopt a design student by paying for their annual ASID membership. This membership provides the student access to all ASID resources, including educational materials, industry insights, and invitations to exclusive events. 

Benefits for Students

For design students, the benefits of the program are substantial. They gain access to:

  • Educational Resources: Comprehensive learning materials, including industry reports, articles, and case studies, to deepen their understanding of interior design.
  • Networking Opportunities: Invitations to ASID events, where they can meet professionals, establish connections, and build relationships that could lead to internships or job opportunities.
  • Professional Guidance: Direct communication with a professional, allowing them to seek advice, feedback, and insights on navigating the interior design industry.
  • Career Development: Opportunities to participate in workshops, webinars, and other career-enhancing activities offered by ASID.

Benefits for ASID Professionals

For ASID professionals, "Adopt a Student" offers a chance to give back to the industry and shape the next generation of designers. By supporting a student, they:

  • Contribute to the Industry's Future: Helping students enter the field with a solid foundation and professional connections.
  • Develop Skills: Gain experience in guiding and assisting aspiring designers.
  • Enhance Their Network: Build relationships with emerging talent, potentially leading to collaborations or new team members.

The "Adopt a Student" program has the potential to create a strong community within the Interior Design field, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration. The program helps students start their careers with a strong network and a sense of belonging within the industry by connecting students with professionals. This initiative ultimately strengthens the Interior Design community by fostering a culture of support and professional growth

Professionals, stay tuned to discover amazing Design Students to adopt!