State Registration

State Registration Requirements

Texas Interior Design Registration Laws

Type of Act/Title Registered:

Title: Registered Interior Designer

Post-HS Education & Experience Required:

Education: CIDA Degree

Total Experience: 2 years under RID

Examination Required:


Grandfather Clause:

Expired 8/31/94

Continuing Education for Renewal: 

12 hours per year    1 Barrier Free and 1 Sustainable / Energy and all helath safety welfare

Year Passed:


State Board or Agency:

Texas Board of Architectural Examiners
Post Office Box 12337

Austin, TX 78711-2337

Phone – (512) 305-8539 Mary Helmcamp

Fax – (512) 305-8900

Website – Texas Board of Architectural Examiners

NOTE: No jurisdiction requires residency

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