Committee Descriptions

Here are the detailed descriptions for each of the ASID Committees.


  • Strategic Planning: Reviews and updates chapter's annual strategic plan.
  • Legislative: Provides legislative updates and presentations  to members  and organizes visits to state capitol.  
  • Community Outreach: Develop programs and integrative community activities. 
  • Annual Meeting: Membership participation to honor program successes and assess the state of the organization. 
  • Ethics, Policies, and Procedures: Maintains definitions and descriptions for board and committee positions and handles ethics issues brought forth by the public or members.
  • Policy and Guideline Review: Maintains, reviews and updates chapter policies and guidelines.


  • Sponsorship
  • Foundation: Fundraising for National Foundation campaign.  
  • Alternative Revenue 
  • Scholarships: Plan and organize scholarship programs and competitions for students. 
  • Investment   


  • Programs/CEUs: Create and organize programs and CEU classes for our members.   
  • Show House: Showcase the talent and skills of the membership in a showhouse format. 
  • Student Career Day: Plan and organize annual Student Career Day event.  
  • Student Enrichment: Plan and organize annual student event with focus on exposing students in trade events or resources. 
  • Adopt a Design Student: Connect students with Designers/IP members to attend and mentor at ASID events. 


  • Magazine: Assemble and distribute articles and chapter information for quarterly printed distribution. 
  • Newsletter: Assemble and distribute articles and chapter information for monthly digital distribution. 
  • Directory: Update and distribute annual directory information.   
  • Website and Social Media Outlets: Work with outside media sources to promote TXGC.  
  • DCH/HDC Liaison: Collect event happenings from DCH and HDC and distribute for members to attend. 
  • Media Outlet: Plan and implement the annual chapter design awards contest and event celebration.   


  • Membership: Plan and organize new member orientation, recruitment, and retention events and activities. 
  • Hospitality: Meet and greet members at programs and events. 
  • Student Affairs: Visits local universities’ interior design student chapters to promote and inform students of ASID membership value.   
  • Emerging Professionals: Plan and organize programs and events for designers within first five years of their career after graduation.   
  • Social Network: Organize monthly networking event for members and prospective members.  


  • IP Steering  
  • IP Mentoring: Industry Partner’s sharing, training, and connections.